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My Origin Toward Genre-Hoppy Musical Transitions

Kyle Palmer
3 min readJul 2, 2023


I enjoy music. This is neither unique nor a revelation. When I took on the challenge to plot, produce, and enjoy sets for parties I would attend, it solidified my intent to return to mixing music I enjoyed for others. I have gravitated toward many different hobbies in the past, but this felt correct for my long-term happiness. This should not suggest it as a new pursuit.

Many years ago when I lived in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, my roommate and I bonded over our overlapping musical tastes. His next-level hip-hop and house knowledge against my indie-punk rock inclinations.

At the time, I was bartending at Scarlet, a gay bar in Chicago that introduced pop-mashups into the house-obsessed late-aught Boystown. Mashups had begun to take off with the various Girl Talk albums and I burned thru them on repeat. I began DJing, which led me to produce a set for a wedding. It was not appropriate, nor good. To pile on against this new hobby, my professional career provided enough exploration at the time. I no longer needed to bartend to pay bills and what I saw in someone, who did not care for mashup style, led me to stop the pursuit.

But I never stopped listening to music. I never lost my taste.