Change Your Perspective Today & Move Forward on Your Goals

A Masterful Use of Lighting

What Follows is the Live Construction of a Yearlong Home-Workout Transformation. If You Have Any Thoughts or Think I Should Explore Something, Please Drop a Comment.

Wall by Author

Coming Out as Bipolar is a Surprise Everyone Should Learn About

How Your Vote Will Support an Honest Community Organization

Get to Work, Play, and a Candidate With a Dog

Photo by Author

A Thanks to the World’s Most Complicated Game

A Project for UIC’s PA 550: Financial Analysis and Management

Tom Tunney’s Zoning Committee Should Not Approve Ordinance 02020–6185

Emmett Till’s Childhood home at 6427 S. St. Lawrence Ave

Who Can Help You Write if Your Strength is Not to Read?

Photo Credit: Szabo Viktor

Kyle Palmer

MPA, MSCA Candidate, Private Sector, and maybe some games. Gay Chicagoan for 10+ years.

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