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59 CHI & NOL

Themed 2 1/2 Hour DJ Set

Kyle Palmer
2 min readJan 1


On the way down to New Orleans, I made a DJ Set. The structure was made during the trip from Chicago to New Orleans prior to a dear friend’s birthday on New Year's. Some reoccurring themes in the set are references to Chicago, New Orleans, and the term ‘blue’. I was also tasked to include songs from five artists as requested. These artists include Alan Waker, Aqua, Cascada, Gareth Emery, and Lincoln Park.

This mix is not for children. If you want to play this mix for a new years party (or some other celebration), Pink’s Raise Your Glass plays at the 94 (1:34) minute mark. It is immediately followed by Deniece Williams’ Let’s Hear It for the Boy.

You can download the MP3 here.

You Can Listen Here:

What I Learned or Decided:

  • I want to call what I am creating Thrubeat. This might already exist under another name/practice, but I want to call it that. What that means is the goal of a Thrubeat track is to smoothly transition between songs in a way that is enjoyable or provides some potential narrative. I think performers (especially drag queens) might find some use for it, though that would not be for me to decide.
  • I really enjoy playing with silence. I think this set is an example of that. On this trip someone told me that this should never happen, so now I want to do it more. To be fair to him, there are some great examples in this set of how silence is bad.
  • Post-recording edits are something I need to learn more about. I am only just now realizing that I am able to string things together in post-production should I mess up. Because I am live mixing these sets and timing is so crucial it is overall a better practice to move songs back and rerecord and remove the ‘mess-up’ section. An example where I did not do this is during my set during 35.31 by Childish Gambino @ 52 minutes into the track.
  • I can successfully mix in non-traditional DJ tracks with enough research and loop splitting such that we get the popular meat of a song without moving through as much of the (while important to the story) boggier parts of songs. I really enjoy the Hamilton and Encanto samples as an example @ 44 minutes into the track.

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